Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the money I get come from?

When you pull tickets for a client, Ticketpullers charges them a small convenience charge. Using these proceeds we are then able to pay the puller who obtained the tickets.

Is what I am doing illegal?

Not at all. Ticketpullers helps clients purchase tickets at face value. You are only helping them get the tickets they want.

How much money will I earn?

It all depends on the event that pullers are requested for. The client will pay a percentage of the overall ticket cost and that is the pool where your commissions are paid out. You can earn up to $50 in a session (which has certainly been attained) with a median successful session somewhere between $10-20.

How difficult is it to pull tickets?

Again, it all depends on the event, how quickly it sells out, the particular demands of the client, the skill of the puller, luck, etc. So far, approximately 35% of requested sessions have been successful.

How often is there a session?

This really depends on client demand. If there are a lot of events that people are requesting pullers for, there might be a lot of sessions in one week. There are also slower periods where there are no events for a few days.

How long is each session?

It really varies depending on the session, but in general they last no more than fifteen minutes after the hour with the median range being five to ten past the hour.

How long will my credit be pending?

Usually up to one week. We need to make sure that the order is not cancelled before crediting your account.

What are cancelled orders?

Sometimes, ticket orders will be cancelled by the primary ticketing source for various reasons (i.e. exceeding the limit, billing issues, etc.). In these cases, Ticketpullers will refund the customer and your balance will not be credited. Sorry!

How quickly will I get paid out?

Very quickly. For each payout following the first payout you can expect your Paypal payment within 48 hours (you are responsible for any fees incurred in the transaction from Paypal).

I haven't heard anything or gotten any notification. What does that mean?

It means that your application is currently under consideration or that you are on the waitlist. You will receive an email if it is approved or rejected.

How do I buy the tickets? Do I use my own information or credit cards?

You will NEVER have to pay for tickets yourself. Your accounts are pre-loaded with credit cards to use. There are no fees, no catches. We pay you.

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